Tuesday, 16 April 2013

How to Do this Workshop

This workshop is a Disability Action Hall project.

We got money from Calgary Learns to make this workshop. 

This workshop shows how people can have a say in what government does and says is important. To have a say, you must
  • Believe you can make a difference
  • Know what governments do and how they work
  • Know how you can have a voice
Our goal is for you to be an active citizen and be able to have a say in what government does and what it sees as important.

There are several ways to do this workshop.
  1. You can ask the Disability Action Hall team to come teach your group. It takes about 7 hours to do the workshop as a class. It is best to do a few hours at a time. Contact Kathleen at kathleenbiersdorff@gmail.com to talk about how this works.
  2. You can download the workbook in Microsoft Word, the label sheets, the PowerPoint with speaker notes and an Instruction page. They may look funny on the screen, but they should print OK. These materials can be changed to work for learners who live outside of Calgary.
  3. You can do the workshop by yourself online. You can download the workbook to make it easier to make a record of your goals, your representatives and other useful information. Or, you can just click on each page in the list, in turn and do it in your head.

Each page on this website has a button you can click to listen to what is on the page.